Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sin City

This movie has a very interesting design in color. It is very distinct looking and would be easily picked out in a crowd of screenshots. Frank Miller has been known for crazy looking color corrections. This movie is one of the most interesting looking films ever. I personally love the look of it. I have many times tried to recreate the extreme black/white/red look of it. I now know how to do it but, it took a lot of time for me to figure out. I think that this "look" would not work for all movies, but it works for this one. The movie is known for its look rather than its story. This color correction works really good in a movie with lots of blood, or red clothing in it. This movie has both. Obviously it was no mistake dressing the girl in red, but it still adds to the film. The red stands out like crazy and it gives more meaning to the red. It helps the filmmaker to make something stand out that might have been looked past in normal color correction.

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