Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My little brother pre-ordered this game a few weeks ago and picked it up yesterday. My older brother told me I should try it and it is the most fun game ever. I was kind of skeptical. My thoughts were along the lines of "Well it must be pretty good, but there is noway that it is the most fun game ever." I tried it last night and wow. This game is absolutely amazing. The game play is a little bit different to get used too, especially if you have "Halo reflexes" as I call them haha. I get attacked by stuff in this game and accidently throw a grenade at something 2 ft in front of me. instead of re-loading my gun. This game has everything you want in a game. It not only is a shooter, but you have vehicles, kind of have a home base, an unlimited amount of weapon choices. This game actually has its own software engineered into it, where it generates its own weapons. The creators of tis game will play it and find weapons that they have never seen before. I think that is one of the coolest ideas ever. It also makes it fun because you can try and collect different guns and compare them to your friends guns and its awesome. Another feature with the weapons thats cool is the fact that the weapons have different rarity ratings. It goes from a scale least rare to most rare. The scale goes white-green-blue-purple-orange. I haven't gotten any orange weapons yet but I have a purple one haha. The amo is over abundant in this game also. You never have enough room to carry all of the amo that you find. You also can buy and sell weapons. One feature that comes in very handy is; If you sell a something you didn't mean to sell, then you can buy it back for the same price as you sold it for. You can only do that while you signed in to the machine that buys and sells, but I think that feature is genius. I can think of many times in games when I have sold something that I can never get back in that game. It makes me very unhappy. They have thought of almost everything in this game.
The only thing that I don't like about this game is the fact that you cannot customize your character that much. I mean sure you can change weapons and some colors of your clothing, but you cannot change facial features, clothing styles, hair color, etc. All you can do is choose from a few different characters. I really don't mind too much though. They made this game so awesome that you kind of forget about not being able to customize your character.
The cover art for this game is pretty awesome as well. The red background and the screenshot in the blood splatter is very well put together. It makes you look at it a few different times just to figure out what exactly is happening. It is not natural looking, but yet it is intriguing. It really draws you in.
All in all the game makers went all out in Borderlands. They really did think of absolutely everything when designing this game. The cover art makes you want to buy it, and the game play makes you not want to stop playing it. It is very addictive, but I don't mind getting addicted to this type of game.

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