Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Heinz Ketchup Bottle

There are advantages and disadvantages to this new ketchup bottle design. Some disadvantages are that when you are trying to get the ketchup out you kinda have to squeeze hard and when it finally comes out it shoots with a lot of force behind it, potentially staining nice clothes if you aren't careful. Also if you are picky about food mixing (like I am) it also can get ketchup on food that you don't want it on.
On the other hand, there are more advantages than disadvantages. This bottle eliminates the watery ketchupy stuff that you get with other bottle designs. This bottle design fits into your refrigerator door a lot better (which is what it was designed for). The top of this bottle doesn't seem to clog as much as the older versions. Also the top doesn't get covered in nasty ketchup like older bottles. Overall this design is a lot better than the older one. The fact that it doesn't get that watery stuff at the top sells me on the design.

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