Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nokia 5310

I bought this phone last year because I loved the design of the exterior. I researched it before I bought it, but there was not a whole lot of reviews or info due to the fact that it has just come out. In my eyes, it was orange (my favorite color) and it had an mp3 player on it (I love music). I thought that this phone was everything I wanted.
Well unfortunately I found out quickly it wasn't. It has all kinds of glitches and flaws in its design. It is made more sleek and small so that it fits into pockets easier, which I like. The problem with it being small, is the fact that the first time I dropped it (about 2 1/2 ft), it broke the back cover. It didn't break it in half or anything like that, but it broke the clips on it so that it now hangs off in the one corner of the phone. Another problem I have had with this phone has been texting issues (everybody I've talked to that also has this phone has this problem as well). It locks up during texts, and after it locks up, the screen goes black then it resets the screen.
Some of the features I like about this phone is the mp3 player. It has very good quality sound. Even the built in speaker has good sound with receiving texts and phone calls. It comes with some very cool graphics for backgrounds, screen savers, etc. When talking to someone on the phone, the sound is very clear and easy to understand that person, unlike my last phone.
Overall I really like this phone, I just hope that they re-design some of the issues it has and make it amazing.

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