Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R. This car is my favorite. I have loved Nissan Skylines since I was a child and was ecstatic when I found out they were bringing it back to the states. They changed the name to GT-R, big deal. The design of this car is amazing. It has a sort of commanding aggressive look to it. The "face" (as discussed in class) of this car is mean looking. I would probably have hated it if it looked happy. I like how it is very sleek. Its low and wide, two features I love in cars. The overall attitude of the car is just powerful. The stock 20" wheels add to the look of the car a lot, and the quad exhaust just looks amazing. The price is another amazing feature of this car, starting at $80,790, this car out performs most porsches and all corvettes. They changed the body style a lot from previous Skylines, but they kept the signature quad taillights. There are different driver settings for this car. You can set it to automatic, or semi-auto, or racing semi-auto. Then you can adjust the suspension from luxury to racing. Then you can even turn off different safety settings to make it act more like a race car. Overall this car is amazing, design, price, attitude. This car is amazing in every way.

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