Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Disney has a very interesting logo. I don't know if I am the only one but, when I was a kid I always thought that the "D'" was a "G", maybe a backwards one but "G" none the less. I think that their logo is very simple and gets the job done. It is not some crazy design or anything like that it just simply says "Disney" as leaves it at that. I think that some places can go crazy with logos in this day and age and they can be confusing but Disney's is very straight forward. Even though the "D" looks like a "G" it is still pretty clear and it is perfect for the age group that they are reaching out too.


Lego are a very well designed toy. They are very easy to use and you can make some pretty cool stuff out of them. I always liked to make airplanes and cars but who didn't? Airplanes wee my strong point though. I made an airplane one time that had a little over 3ft wingspan. The way that lego has made these, anyone can make something out of them. They are a fun toy for everyone to make something out of. They also come in very handy if you are wanting to make a stop motion animation film. There is nothing easier to use than legos. They are easily assembled and easily disassembled. Legos have been around for a long time and they are going to be around for even longer. I have Legos that my dad played with hen he was a kid. I don't think that Lego is going anywhere.

Danger: Wildman - The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is a Christian/Metalcore band from Dayton Ohio. I chose this song to blog about because I really like the design of the song. TDWP does a great job of mixing genres a bit. They have a keyboarder that adds in synths/strings/piano and just about everything else he can add in. They make the song flow well and add in the electronic parts and it sounds amazing. Their music has exploded on to the scene the past few wears and they are a very well known band now. I think that they have a very unique sound and they stand out in a crowd. This song is one of the songs that they do a good job of mixing in the electronic sound into. This is also one of my favorite songs by TDWP. I realize that not many people enjoy the same music I do but I like the way that this song was composed.


Apple's iTunes software is one of the most commonly used music library softwares there is today. It is fast and easy to import music and it is easy to make playlists on and burn cd's from. It is no mistake that it is popular software because it has been made very well. As everything, iTunes has its flaws. Its software 'Genuis" tries to create playlists that you would listen to by the number of plays that songs have. It is alright but if i have a new cd or something like that, they don't end up on the playlist because of the plays. Another thing that I have always disliked about iTunes is the fact that it does not import the album art along with the album. Zune software automatically imports the Album art and I love that feature. When my Zune died I transitioned over to iTunes and was planning on buying an iPod at some point. I was incredibly disappointed in iTunes for this fact. All in all it is still a good software and we won't be saying goodbye to it for a long time.

Adobe Illustrator CS4

Adobe Illustrator is a fun and yet frustrating software at the same time! I like making different shapes and stuff on here but it gets touchy after a while. The zoom in feature not being a true zoom in (when you zoom in the perspective of the shapes is slightly skewed, you cannot notice until you zoom out), and the masks get a little problematic when you try and add new points in these are some of the problems I have run into with Illustrator. Other than those I like a lot of the features of this software. I like the fact that unlike Photoshop, Illustrator actually has an "undo" button that you can press more than once. Lots of people use Illustrator in the field and it is a common graphic design software. It it not as well known as Photoshop but it is just as useful.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Behringer V-Ampire Lx210

This amp is very nice for the price. I bought it about 5 years ago for $200 and it is still going strong. I have played a few gigs with it over the years and have had to turn it up past the 3/4 volume point. IT still has good tone and is a good amp. For the price I don't know that you could find a better combo amp. The effects are very good and it has a versatile range of different amp settings such as the Fuzzy distortion setting al the way to blues settings. I have been very happy with how this amp has held up, considering it being an off brand. The only problem I have had with this amp has been the fact that my Treble and my Effects knobs came off. I am not sure when but I think it happened from transporting it everywhere with me. My amp has been anywhere from Carmel Indiana to Tampa Florida. It has been a good amp that whole time. I'm not sure when this amp was discontinued but it is no longer in production.

Sony In-Ear Headphones


I bought these headphones after have JVC Marshmallows. I loved the JVC's and figured these looked pretty nice also. I was right. These headphones have amazing sound. They have a great range of treble/mid/bass. The bass is very impressive for in-ear headphones. They also do a decent job of noise canceling. They are not made to noise cancel so obviously they don't do that as well as other headphones. I have then in right now as I blog actually. One thing that I absolutely love about these headphones if how comfortable they are. I have fallen asleep with them in before and when I woke up my ears did not hurt as they had with previous headphones. I like the sleek look that they have and these headphones are prefect for my needs. I listen to Metal/Alternative/Rock/Hardcore so bass is definatly in important thing. Lots of the music I listen to have lots of bass drops. I would recommend these headphone to anybody.