Monday, December 14, 2009

Samsung Highlight

I finally got a new phone after my Nokia started falling apart on me. I wanted to catch up with technology and get at least a partial touch screen. What I ended up with is the Samsung Highlight "Fire" phone. This phone is very nice. Its touch screen isn't responsive to static or heat but actually senses the touch of you hand. You have to push down to click on stuff but that is fine with me. One of the advantages to the screen of this phone is that you can still control everything with gloves on or something covering your hands. I absolutely love the color orange on a phone so it was no surprise to any of my family that I ended up with this phone. The back cover on this phone is textured and actually quite grippy and doesn't want to slip out of your hand. All of the reviews online about this phone are very positive. It has smooth menu's and everything flows pretty well on the Highlight. The camera is 3 mega pixels and takes surprisingly good quality photos. The only problem I have with it so far is that the phonebook will not let me scroll past the letter "U". I am going to have somebody look at that next time I go to the T-Mobile store. Other than a that this phone is pretty awesome. I would definatly recommend it if you want a well priced touch screen that still can do almost everything.

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