Monday, December 14, 2009

Behringer V-Ampire Lx210

This amp is very nice for the price. I bought it about 5 years ago for $200 and it is still going strong. I have played a few gigs with it over the years and have had to turn it up past the 3/4 volume point. IT still has good tone and is a good amp. For the price I don't know that you could find a better combo amp. The effects are very good and it has a versatile range of different amp settings such as the Fuzzy distortion setting al the way to blues settings. I have been very happy with how this amp has held up, considering it being an off brand. The only problem I have had with this amp has been the fact that my Treble and my Effects knobs came off. I am not sure when but I think it happened from transporting it everywhere with me. My amp has been anywhere from Carmel Indiana to Tampa Florida. It has been a good amp that whole time. I'm not sure when this amp was discontinued but it is no longer in production.

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