Monday, December 14, 2009

Sony In-Ear Headphones


I bought these headphones after have JVC Marshmallows. I loved the JVC's and figured these looked pretty nice also. I was right. These headphones have amazing sound. They have a great range of treble/mid/bass. The bass is very impressive for in-ear headphones. They also do a decent job of noise canceling. They are not made to noise cancel so obviously they don't do that as well as other headphones. I have then in right now as I blog actually. One thing that I absolutely love about these headphones if how comfortable they are. I have fallen asleep with them in before and when I woke up my ears did not hurt as they had with previous headphones. I like the sleek look that they have and these headphones are prefect for my needs. I listen to Metal/Alternative/Rock/Hardcore so bass is definatly in important thing. Lots of the music I listen to have lots of bass drops. I would recommend these headphone to anybody.

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