Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Apple's iTunes software is one of the most commonly used music library softwares there is today. It is fast and easy to import music and it is easy to make playlists on and burn cd's from. It is no mistake that it is popular software because it has been made very well. As everything, iTunes has its flaws. Its software 'Genuis" tries to create playlists that you would listen to by the number of plays that songs have. It is alright but if i have a new cd or something like that, they don't end up on the playlist because of the plays. Another thing that I have always disliked about iTunes is the fact that it does not import the album art along with the album. Zune software automatically imports the Album art and I love that feature. When my Zune died I transitioned over to iTunes and was planning on buying an iPod at some point. I was incredibly disappointed in iTunes for this fact. All in all it is still a good software and we won't be saying goodbye to it for a long time.

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