Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Power Point

I have major issues with Microsoft Power Point. It doesn't seem to like to cooperate at all. There are good things about it such as the linking feature were it is easy to create lets say, a game? It starts getting a little hairy once you get into around 70 slides all linked together? Right about that time is when it decides to switch some of the links on you to keep you on your toes. It does a very good job of making you have to pay attention to detail. I think that they need to work out a lot of bugs. If your computer has been shut down or sleeping for a while. You have to reset all of the links for music/sound effects/other slide shows/etc. Compatability issues are my biggest problem. Microsoft really needs to figure out how to get mac files to run cleanly on windows. I sent my project to my brother to test it out on his windows and all of the links had been changed and it didn't work. Imagine that? A project that decides to not work when you need it too. It also boggs my computer down like crazy. I thought it was going to crash. I found numerous websites that talked about not liking how Power Point runs. "Power Point, make an awesome looking slide show/game only for it to not work when you need it too!"

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