Sunday, September 20, 2009

Xbox 360

I will start out by saying that I love playing the Xbox 360. I think in the technical aspect that the 360 is awesome, I am just not a huge fan of the look of it. They could have made it look so much cooler than this. I do like the elite better but its just the design that is kind of bland. One of the prototypes that was photographed was a giant X and it looked pretty awesome. I guess I just wonder why they went with such a standard looking design. When I first saw it I was disappointed. Then again I was expecting the giant X haha. I have seen a prototype of the Xbox 720 and its pretty cool. Then again you can't really trust everything on the internet haha. They could make a new one and name it the Xbox 500! Microsoft can do whatever they want. Anyway the prototype looks like Guilty Spark from Halo. It is transparent (I am a huge fan of transparent technology) and the inside is green. It looks amazing. I like the 360 but think that they could have made the shell cooler.


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