Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Perfect Guitar

Is there such a thing as a perfect guitar? No. There is such a thing as the perfect guitar for you though. This is about my perfect guitar, which is none other than the PRS (Paul Reed Smith) SE Standard. It is perfect for me. The guitar was only $550, which in the realm of guitars is pretty cheep. I use past context because it was discontinued as I bought it actually. I was lucky enough to purchase the last one made in Camouflage. Within the next year they discontinued the SE Standard line all together. There are many reasons why I like this design. I like the shape of the body because it is very unique. The pickups on this guitar sound amazing for the styles I play. I play lots of metal, hardcore, rock, blues and occasionally reggae, a somewhat random range of tones but this guitar sounds good in all of them. It is very comfortable to sit down and play with. The way it is shaped makes it easy for you to lean against and lay your arm on. I love the cutaway on the bottom, most guitars have them nowadays but it makes it easy for soloing around the 22nd fret. This design caught my eye because of the color as well. I love camouflage, and the look of the black hardware against the camo is pretty awesome. Another reason is because it ways hardly nothing. As appose to my last guitar this one is as light as a feather. My last guitar was a replica of a Gibson Les Paul. Like I said before, there is no such thing as the perfect guitar. This is my perfect guitar though, its looks unique and performs amazingly. It fits me.


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