Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Segway. I think that this is a terrible design. What happens if you hit a bump? It looks like you could try and go to fat and fall off of the front if this thing. Now the woman in the picture seems pretty happy with it but thats besides the point. This is the epitome of the word "lazy." I don't want to say that everyone that owns one is lazy but a design like this would have never made it past the idea if it hadn't of been for lazy people. I would maybe try one sometime just to see how it is but I would never want to own one. Quick funny story, my friend gives Segway tours in downtown Indianapolis. He said that very commonly people who don't know what they are doing cruise right into the canal haha. I guess leaning back is a tough concept to grasp. Back to the subject. I think this is a terrible design and that we are a lazy society if we have transporters like this to take you from your couch to your kitchen.


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