Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Celtx is a free scriptwriting software that you can download offline. It is an easy way to write scripts. It has a few different options for Title, Action, Dialogue, etc. If you don't know, script writing is very much about the formatting. You can do it in Microsoft Word, but it is going to take you some time. Software like Celtx makes it easy to format. It makes your scripts look professional. In a lot of cases if you send scripts in to companies to read, the ones that get thrown out first are the ones that are formatted poorly. There are softwares you can pay for that are good too such as Final Draft. I had the trial of Final Draft and loved it. Being a college student with no money made it hard for me to justify buying it, so I went with Celtx. I love the way Celtx works. It takes a little getting used to but once you are used to it, it is a breeze to write up your scripts. From reading online blogs, forums, surveys. I have determined that Celtx is a more popular software. Final Draft is always going to be an industry standard, but while your scripts are still underground why spend the money?

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