Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Exit signs. I am going to analyze the design of the standard exit sign. Now there are two different styles of exit signs. There are exits signs that are green and exit signs that are red. Now why is this? Both of these colors communicate two totally different feels. Green usually communicates: abundance, growth, nature, and it is a cool color thus feeling calm and laid back. Red however communicates: violence, war, blood, and it is a very hot color signifying urgency and fear. Why are both of these colors commonly used amongst exit signs? I can see maybe why green would be used. It could be used to calm the people down as the exit, maybe this would be better for younger crowds. Red would be good during emergencies, it would communicate urgency and people would automatically run to them to get out. So why don't they invent an exit sign that changes from green to red according to the situation? This type of exit sign could be affective. When there is an emergency, the sign could change to red.

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